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The Vacuum Repair Business Book  How to sell vacuum cleaners in your vacuum cleaner repair business.  Vacuum Repair Store

Complete Training
Vacuum Cleaner Repair Business
Earn Full Time Or Part Time Income
Doing Vacuum Cleaner Repair
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This complete business training program gives you step by step instruction on how to start, operate, manage, and succeed in your own vacuum repair business.  There are three major parts:  The Vacuum Repair Business, How To Sell Vacuum Cleaners, and The Vacuum Repair Store.

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 The Vacuum Repair Business Book

The Vacuum Repair Business Workbook


The Vacuum Repair Business

Earn $30,000
A Year Part Time

reveals how to start from scratch with your vacuum cleaner repair knowledge. Operate with little or no overhead. Earn an extra $200... $500 ... $$$$ per week part time.

This is no get rich quick scheme or magic formula. This is real doable business you can make money with within days. This blueprint for your home based vacuum repair business contains over 80 pages of essential information.

The Vacuum Repair Business

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 How to sell vacuum cleaners in your vacuum cleaner repair business.


 How To Sell
Vacuum Cleaners

Millions Are Being Sold Every Year!

Now you can do it too.  
Discover exactly how to
sucessfully sell vacuum cleaners.

If you already sell vacuums, this book will empower you to new heights of sales success.

How To Sell
Vacuum Cleaners

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 Vacuum Repair Store


Vacuum Repair Store

Where The Real Money Is...

Discover the secrets of owning your own profitable vacuum store.  It is all here in this 180 plus page guide to your own vacuum cleaner store.  Learn how to set up, organize, operate, and manage your store.  Get your own authorized dealerships, and live the American dream. 

Get started the right way.
Avoid pitfalls.
Plan your business to insure success.

Here is just a glimpse inside:
Typical Vacuum Stores
Market Research & Business Potential
Business Planning
Getting Started
Location Location Location
Vision & Mission
Dealerships & Products
Financial Management

Original Price $99.99
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Now Get The Complete Program
All Three Of The Business Courses

The Vacuum Repair Business
And Workbook 
At $19.99Download or $29.99 Print Version

How To Sell Vacuum Cleaners
And Workbook
At $24.99 Download Or $34.99 Print Version

Vacuum Repair Store
And Workbook
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Purchased Separately
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Business Courses At One Low Price

$140.00 In Business Building Bonuses

See All The Business Building
Ideas are like dollar trees. 
A single ideas may lauch your business
to new levels of success overnight.


The Vacuum Repair, Small Business Government Resource Guide

 The Vacuum Repair Small Business Government Resource Guide

Need help with FEIN, tax questions, legalities, business planning, even small business finance? Look no further. Your answer is here.

Value $19.99


The Vacuum Repair Supply and Resource Directory

 The Vacuum Cleaner Supply & Resource Directory

Where can I find supplies and parts? Where can I get help?

In this vital resource directory you will find the suppliers, the manufactureres, the distributors, you will need to sucessfully operate your business.

VALUE 19.99


Life Long Customer Relations for Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Life Long Customer Relations

Connecting with your customer is vital.

Effective customer relations begin even before your fist meet your customer and lasts a life time.

Avoid the mistakes and you will spare yourself pain and frustration.

See each customer in terms of their life time value. Keep them coming back again and again.


Life Long Customer Relations

Value $29.99


7 Strategies for successful vacuum repair business.

7 Strategies
For Success

"You Are A Winner,
Act Like It."

Discover the secrets of personal, professional, and business success. Plan and act with confidence. Become the person you always wanted to be.

This dynamic audio presentation reveals practical secrets you can apply everyday. See your vacuum cleaner business thrive when you master these seven secrets of success.

7 Strategies
For Success

"You Are A Winner,
Act Like It."

Value $29.99


300 things you can do for your vacuum repair business

300 Things You Can Do - NOW!

What is your biggest problem? Could it be finding and keeping new customers? 

Now discover 300 things you can do to attract, cultivate, and keep customers coming back. Customer traffic is essential for any business. With this audio, you will find an abundance of practical ideas you can do now. Generate hundreds of new customers. Maximize the purchases of each one. Keep them coming back.

300 Things You Can Do -NOW!
Value $19.99


Amazing Advertising Tips for vacuum cleaner repairs

Amazing Advertising Tips

This audio program was originally developed with internet businesses in mind, however, the ideas are right on for any business. 

Find out how to get the most out of your advertising and tap into these great ideas for getting customer interest and attention.

One thing every business needs is customers.  This audio reveals dozens of practical tips on how to attract those customers to your business.

Amazing Advertising Tips
 Value $19.99

Business Courses At One Low Price

$140.00 In Business Building Bonuses

 The Complete Vacuum Repair
Professional Business Training Program
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Total Value

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